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Imraan Surve of Zodiac on the relevance of full-service agencies, and social media.

18th September 2018

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Imraan Surve is the Vice President of Marketing for Zodiac Clothing Company. In this edition of the Point of View Series, he shares his views on the need for full-service agencies making a comeback, and the shift to Social Media and how to leverage it. 

1) With the increasing trend of influencers, bloggers and public at large on social media airing their views about brands and soliciting views on brands, is the relevance of the conventional medium like television advertising or for that matter print medium fast diminishing and a wasted allocation of ad budgets? Will TV go downhill the way print did years ago with falling share of ad pie? What can be done about it?

Our experience is that when there is "appointment viewing" on TV (sports/ GEC programs etc.) that are not available on social media the response from advertising on TV is great/ Otherwise the consumption of entertainment/ video content is rapidly shifting to social media with mobile phones being the dominant vehicle of this consumption.

TV channels have to create content that (a) engages the audiences - varied target groups will need varied consumption (millennial audiences may not watch saas/bahu soap operas) (b) ensure it is not available on social media.

I am sure that they have asked themselves this question " What if the likes of Netflix / Amazon Prime open up in- film advertising? "

2) With increasing voracity of consumers and potential customers on the social media and the prevalent "nowism" of voice and views, will you and I be soon chased by advertisers to advocate their brands? What are the implications of this for the advertising and marketing industry?

Social media provides consumers with a platform for views to be exchanged.

Brand advocacy when paid for does become quite obvious - if it’s done it needs to sound real. 

Ideally brands should rely on great products & service to garner positive comments on social media. 

3) Ad industry keeps crying about the threat of consultants eating into their business, but have done little to up their ante to stave off consultants from the advertisers' radar. What can ad agencies do differently to ramp up and retake their voice at not just the CEO level, but at the board level.

 The need for a "full service agency" is coming back - brand managers have realized that while specialists / consultants are needed it is very difficult to get everyone to pull in the same direction. 

Agencies have to be able to bring all the skill sets needed by the brand/s under 1 roof. 

 4) Millennials are both a threat and opportunity for advertising communication? What can the industry do to hold and retain attention of this huge influencer base?

 The role of advertising & marketing has been redefined by the Millennials. What drives them is completely different to the earlier generation.   E.g. My 21-year-old daughter feels buying a car is a waste - given UBER & Ola - while as when I was 21 it was a "status symbol" to own a car. Even today I would be highly uncomfortable if I didn’t have a car parked under my home in the night.

Every marketer & advertiser is trying to remain relevant to them - I don’t think it is going to be easy.

For one of our clothing brands z3 Relaxed Luxury our story on social media of being Eco-friendly has gathered a lot of appreciation.



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